Successful case of Google optimization and promotion of industrial steel, pipeline and steel pipe websites (Chengdu, Sichuan)


Scheme level: full-time care, one-star.
Cooperation time: 2016.
Cooperation effect: In 2016, it successfully replaced Global Trade X Tong Company, assisted customers to improve their ranking through Google search, and obtained a large number of inquiries from foreign customers of industrial steel and pipeline steel pipes. "And you (Jie Win Network) after cooperation, we did not find other SEO companies," said the general manager of foreign trade, "your technical strength and serious attitude is better than my previous cooperation of SEO companies"!

谷歌站长工具数据 Google Search Console


Jie Ying Review, data on December 3, 2022, in the past 12 months, Google search hits were 29,100 + (29.1 K), Google search exposure was 1.45 million + (1.45 M), the click rate was 2%, and the average keyword ranking was 24.8. On average, the monthly Google search hits are 2,425 times/month, and the exposure is 121,000 times/month. According to the customer Zheng Zong's sharing, the monthly inquiry volume is about 120-150 emails/month, and the annual inquiry volume is 1,500-1,800 emails! Google optimization effect is very good! search data performance


Jieying reviews, the number of Google search pages is 5520 + (5.52 K), and Alexa ranks 10 million (10.0 M). Jieying suggests that Alexa's data is not necessarily accurate for reference only.



According to Jieying Review and Ahrfes Statistics, has 1.23 K external chain and 82 external chain domain names. The domain name score is 18 points, the website score is 28 points, the natural search keyword is 873, and the natural search traffic is 79.

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