Google SEO (Google SEO)


What is Google Optimization?

Google SEO (Google Optimize)It is a "search result optimization" for Google search engine, which refers to the planning of websites and the design of web pages according to the search ranking rules of Google search engine, so as to ensure that websites conform to Google ranking rules as much as possible from website framework, program structure, content editing and link construction, so that websites or web pages can get a relatively high ranking position in Google search results, and more potential customers can quickly find relevant websites and web pages when searching products on Google, thus maximizing Google search marketing effect. Do wellGoogle OptimizationWork can get better brand exposure and more customer sources, which is an online marketing method that foreign trade enterprises can't ignore.

ps: SEO, English full name "Search Engine Optimization", Chinese translation as "Search Engine Optimization".

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For foreign trade enterprises,Google search engine optimization(Google SEO) is always the most cost-effective way of foreign trade marketing!

But for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, Google optimization has become increasingly difficult. At present, there are mainly the following four confusing practices in the domestic market:
1. Sales-oriented, collect money and do nothing, and do a hammer deal;
2. Sell websites under the banner of SEO and earn excess website profits;

The above four routines are extremely low in cost and use low price as bait, which greatly harms the interests of foreign trade enterprises:
1. Loss of capital cost;
2. Waste time and cost;

Jay winsGoogle OptimizationUnique and always adhere to it正规人工纯白帽操作方法,并承诺询盘邮件效果,让越来越多的外贸企业享受外贸业绩大幅提升的效益,同时获得品牌知名度提升!杰赢(JEAWIN)是您最可信赖,性价比最高的外贸网站优化服务商!点击查看谷歌优化成功案例

Jay Win Google SEO Solutions:

Xiamen Jieying Network Technology Co., Ltd. faces foreign trade enterprises all over the country and undertakes the network promotion of foreign trade enterprises.谷歌优化、网站优化、网站管理与经营整体外包业务。

Full-care type": As long as the enterprise provides funds and materials (including all kinds of pictures processed), the other Jieying Network is fully responsible for operation and maintenance.
            全站优化+专业英文八级内容编辑+ Manual link construction + Enhance website weight + Commitment of inquiry effect.

" 半托型】:企业提供资金,同时自己做好网站的产品、信息、新闻、文章等内容发布,其它优化与外链接建设由杰赢网络负责推广。

已有数十家外贸企业与杰赢网络连续合作超过10年以上,长期合作客户的续约率达100%!如果您想找长期专业稳定优秀的谷歌SEO服务团队,获取更多优质外贸订单,提升外贸网络品牌,赶紧联系我们!咨询热线: 13276021100 (微信同号),QQ: 215168。

杰赢Google SEO方案套餐报价单

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Goal: No matter how foreign buyers search, it is easy to find your website, improve your foreign trade performance and brand awareness!
杰赢拒绝:打着SEO, 多语言旗号,变相高价销售模板网站!

Google SEO

    杰赢网络用心做好每一家客户网站的Google SEO优化服务,把客户的需求作为自己的需求,把客户的满意度作为衡量工作质量的最高指标。从网站策划、网站页面布局、关键词布局、网站设计、网站制作、站内优化、网站内容发布管理,到站外链接建设、站外推广,每一个环节都用心做好。以提升网站权重为中心,优化网站所有关键词,核心关键词与长尾关键词并重。真正实现搜索流量的大提升,带来专业对口询盘量的大幅增加,从而提升公司业绩。

    国外某权威机构统计,超过85%的用户认为自然排名在Google前列的公司是行业内知名或实力企业;同期只有5%的用户认为参与Google关键词竞价排名的商户是行业内知名公司或实力企业。除了帮助企业获取高质量外贸询盘和各渠道销售线索外,提升网站关键词的Google排名It also brings a lot of brand exposure, thus enhancing the brand awareness of the industry.


At present, search engine marketing is widespread in foreign trade enterprises两大误区

1. 没有尝到Google OptimizationI don't understand the importance of Google.
In foreign countries, almost everyone searches for the information they want through Google every day. Through Google's powerful search instructions, more than 90% of the web pages in the world can be searched. According to the statistics of a foreign authoritative organization, more than 85% of users think that the companies ranked in the forefront of Google are well-known or powerful companies in the industry. Many foreign trade enterprises have a broad understanding of Google, unprofessional, do not master the basic search methods, blindly rely on traditional marketing methods, and the effect is not good. In addition, there are some foreign trade enterprises with relatively advanced marketing awareness. Even if they realize the importance of SEO, once they cooperate with informal SEO companies, they not only fail to achieve the ideal effect, but backfire and affect the reputation of the company.


2. 认为Google优化It's very simple, and the technicians of network companies can easily handle it.
If you have this misconception, you will feel that it is easy to raise the natural ranking of keywords to Google's homepage. Therefore, many informal Google SEO companies seize foreign trade enterprises on the foreign trade SEO this misunderstanding, using low-price strategy, defrauding advance payment. As everyone knows, the water in Google's optimization industry is very deep, which is a very systematic and complicated project. If you are not careful, you will break the law and foul, and the consequences will be very serious. If a company can easily promote keyword rankings to the front page, making it look like a Google employee, you have to be careful! It is the saying that "cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap".

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