Jieying network goal: Become the best domestic foreign trade website construction, foreign trade website optimization, Google optimization of professional services benchmarking enterprises, for China's foreign trade enterprises to provide the most cost-effective foreign trade network marketing services!

Jieying Network is interested in long-term development and grows together with employees and customers. Welcome to work passion, can bear hardships and stand hard work, serious and rigorous, excellence, positive, full of team spirit, have both ability and political integrity of the Internet technology talents to join Jieying! Go through thick and thin, create great cause together, and achieve you and me!

Jieying Network has long recruited the following professionals:

1. English Web Designers
Job Requirements:
1. Major in art, advertising design, computer application, or English, and love web design;
2. More than two years experience in web design, and be able to provide relevant case studies;
3. Proficient in DW, PS and other web page making software, proficient in Illustrator and other design software, proficient in Html language, DIV + CSS, and strong JS editing ability;
4. Have profound art design and advertising design skills, and have strong color matching ability and aesthetic concept;
5. Have unique design style and design concept;
6. Have serious and rigorous ability to grasp details and keep improving design quality;
7. Must have excellent communication skills, teamwork ability and strong learning ability;
8. Strong pressure resistance and active work execution;
7. Personal recent works should be provided during the interview.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Design and revise English website pages according to the needs provided by planners;
2. Design relevant special pages (Newsletter) according to the content operation requirements of the editor;
3. Have strong learning ability, be able to keep learning and enrich themselves in work and spare time.

二.  PHP程序员
1、精通Apache + PHP + MySQL进行WEB的开发;
2. Proficient in writing HTML, XML, Javascript and CSS;
3. Familiar with SEO
4. Mastering at least one of the following skills is preferred:
a) 精通javascript AJAX;
b) 有大规模、分布式、可扩展系统开发经验者;
c) Proficient in Linux operation, configuration, security, optimization and so on;
5. Be enthusiastic about program development, have a strong sense of responsibility, be full of team spirit and professionalism.