"User Agreement"

Thank you for choosing Jieying!

Jieying service is maintained and supported by Xiamen Jieying Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jingying Company"). Before you start using the Jieying service, you should ensure that you have read, fully understood and accepted the entire content of the "Jingying Service Agreement". Once you use Jieying, you agree to abide by all the provisions of this agreement, and this agreement immediately affects You take effect.

Jewin may change or supplement the agreement at any time. Once the agreement changes, we will make an announcement on the official website of Jeawin (https://www.jeawin.com) in advance and update it to the Jeawin service on the effective date. Please read the agreement carefully before it takes effect. If you still use the Jieying service after the effective date of the agreement change, it means that you agree to the changed agreement; if you do not accept the changed agreement, please terminate the use of the Jieying service in time. Jieying Company shall not be liable for any disputes or losses caused by your failure to check the agreement change notice in time, or failure to submit relevant applications.

1. Jieying Account

Jeawin account refers to the account registered on Jeawin official website (https://www.jeawin.com). You must register and open a Jieying account with your real identity, and ensure that the information provided is true, complete and valid, and that Jieying can contact you through the contact information you filled out. After registering a Jieying account, if the information provided has changed, it should be updated in time. Jieying Company shall not bear any responsibility for the loss caused by the failure to change the information in time.

You are responsible for your account. Only you can use your Jieying account, which is non-transferable, non-giftable, and non-inheritable.

You should properly keep and use the account and password correctly and safely, and take full responsibility for all operations performed using the account and password. If you find that someone else has fraudulently used or stolen your account and password or any other situation without legal authorization, you should immediately notify Jieying Company in an effective manner and request Jieying Company to suspend related services. At the same time, Jieying Company shall respond to your request in a timely manner. You should understand that before this, Jieying Company shall not be liable for the instructions executed in your account and your losses caused by them. If your rights are damaged due to failure to fulfill the above storage obligations resulting in account password loss, account theft, etc., you shall bear all losses arising therefrom. Jieying Company shall actively take reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the safety and effectiveness of user accounts.

2. Jieying use agreement

about service

(1) Jewin services exist in the form of online services.

(2) Jeawin has the right to charge according to the price plan published on the official website (https://www.jeawin.com/). Jieying company has the right to formulate and adjust the tariff, and will notify on the official website before the tariff adjustment. The specific tariff is subject to the amount displayed on the order when you purchase the service.

Purchase, Duration and Replacement of Services

(1) When you use Jieying services, you can purchase the corresponding authorization on the official website according to your needs. The specific price is subject to the price displayed in the order. Jieying's charging policy may change at any time. Wins are non-refundable.

(2) Jieying does not recognize the transaction behaviors generated through online and offline transactions other than Jieying company's payment platform. Complies with our rules.

(3) The service period of Jieying is based on the validity period of the service period you purchased.

3. Your rights and obligations

You have the right to enjoy the services provided by Jieying, and have the right to obtain relevant technical support when accepting the services provided by Jieying.

You have the right to terminate the use of Jieying services at any time, but the paid money cannot be refunded.

You guarantee that you will not use technology or other means to damage and disrupt the websites and services of Jieying and other customers of Jieying.

You should respect the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of Jewin and other third parties. Jieying company reserves the right to terminate the service to you, not return the account balance and pursue legal responsibility when you infringe the legal rights of Jieying.

You guarantee that you will abide by national and local laws and regulations, industry practices and social public morals when using Jewin services, and will not use the services provided by Jewin to store, publish, and disseminate the following information and content:

Any content (information) that violates national laws, regulations and policies;

Political propaganda or news information that violates state regulations; information that involves state secrets or security;

Feudal superstition or obscene, pornographic, indecent information or information that instigates crimes; gambling prizes, gambling games;

Information that violates national ethnic and religious policies; information that hinders the security of Internet operations;

Information that infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others or other information or content that is detrimental to social order, social security, and public morals.

You also promise not to provide any convenience for others to publish the above-mentioned information content that does not comply with national regulations or this agreement, including but not limited to setting URLs, BANNER links, etc.

You acknowledge that Jieying company has the right to terminate the provision of Jieying service to you and not refund any money when you violate the above agreement, and you should compensate Jieying company for losses caused by your above-mentioned actions.

4. Rights and Obligations of Jieying Company

Jieying Company shall provide you with corresponding Jieying services according to the service you choose and the payment status.

We will only count the number of times the app is used to improve the product, and we will not disclose the collected data or use it for other commercial purposes.

When there is a problem with the service, Jieying Company is responsible for repairing the Jieying service itself.

Jieying promises to take external confidentiality measures for your information, not to disclose your information to third parties, and not to authorize third parties to use your information, unless:

(1) According to the provisions of laws and regulations, it should be provided;

(2) The administrative, judicial and other authorities require Jieying to provide;

(3) You agree that Baota provides to third parties;

(4) Jieying solves the reported incident and files a lawsuit;

(5) Jieying must submit necessary and reasonable actions to prevent serious illegal acts or suspected criminal acts.

(6) Jieying has the right to use your data and information to send notification emails, text messages and other operational actions.

(7) Jieying has the right to review you and decide whether to accept you as a Bota user.

(8) Jewin reserves the right to terminate the services provided to you if you violate national and local laws and regulations or violate this agreement.

5. Protection of privacy and other personal information

Once you agree to this agreement or use this service, you agree that Jieying Company will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the following agreement.

user name and password

When you register as a user of Jiying, we will ask you to set up a mobile phone number and password to identify you. You can only use the account through the password you set. If you disclose the password, you may lose your personal identification information, which may lead to adverse legal consequences against you. If the account and password are potentially or actually endangered for any reason, you should contact Jewin immediately. Before Jewin takes action, Jewin will not be responsible for this.

registration message

When you register an account, you should provide Jieying Company with a real email address and your own mobile phone number. In order to provide you with targeted services, you understand and agree that Jewin will notify you of this information through your email address or mobile phone number.

external link

This website contains links to other websites, but Jieying Company is not responsible for the privacy protection measures of other websites. Jewin may add partner or shared brand websites whenever necessary.


Jewin only provides corresponding security measures according to the existing technology to prevent the information held by Jewin from being lost, misused and forged. These security measures include encrypting backup data and user passwords. Despite these security measures, Jewin does not guarantee the absolute security of this information.

6. System interruption or failure

When the system fails to operate normally due to the following conditions, which prevents you from using various services, Jieying Company shall not be liable for damages, including but not limited to:

During the system downtime maintenance announced by Jieying Company on this website.

Data transmission cannot be carried out due to failure of telecommunication equipment.

Due to force majeure, including but not limited to typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, power outages, wars, terrorist attacks, etc., Jewin's system obstacles cannot perform business.

Service interruption or delay due to hacker attacks, technical adjustments or failures of the telecommunications sector, website upgrades, bank problems, etc.

7. Protection of trademarks and intellectual property rights

All content on Jieying's official website and applications, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, architecture, and page design, are legally owned by Jieying Company and its intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, and copyrights , trade secrets, etc.

It is your duty to respect intellectual property rights, and if there is any violation, you shall be liable for damages.

Please ensure once again that you have fully read and understood the above registration agreement and accept the constraints of all the above agreements.